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Brooklyn. New York. USA.


You Are Here.
You Will Never Be Here.

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Obsessive patterns hand drawn in colored pen. Anti irony. Ongoing concept series.

My Music 

Recent music that I have written, recorded, produced - the whole shabang. More coming soon.

Voiceover Production and Video Work

Not necessarilly showcasing my work as a voiceover artist - rather, this is more about the production end of the voiceovers. These are YouTube videos I made while working at MajorHiFi (created about 50 total for the channel). Each video was written, recorded, shot, directed, edited, etc. entirely by myself  over the course of two days time. 

Had fun with the intro to this one haha. Also the following videos I recorded with a better microphone (AKG C214):

Published Audio Articles

Published on MajorHiFi, Audio46, and Status Audio. 

For MajorHiFi Articles by Chris Golembeski click here. (Most of these are headphone reviews that had to be written quickly). 

But below are some of the articles I have written for Status Audio - I like these the most! They’re written in a way that is geared towards beginners, so if you’re thinking “Hey he should have said amplitude, not volume >: [ ” or whatever else, yeah, I know. They’re written to be as accessible and relatable as possible. 

You can find all of my articles for Status Audio here.

DUE CREDIT: Though I came up with the conceptual sketches for the included diagrams, Ryan Paonessa is the lead designer over at Status Audio and gave them some serious polish. You can check out his instagram here. 

Beginner’s Guide To Soundwaves:
What’s The Difference Between Balanced and Unbalanced Audio Connections?

Bit Depth and Sample Rate Explained